Welcome To Our Home... Wreath Kit ($54.99) -OR- Sign and Ribbon Kit ($32.95). Everyday Kit, Front Door Kit

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The Welcome to our Home Kit comes with options suitable to your needs. Pick what's best for you; Choose either the Wreath Kit (includes everything shown) OR choose just the adorable sign with the gorgeous ribbons in the Sign & Ribbon Kit. Price varies. Select from the drop-down list above.

A detailed description of items included in each kit:

Welcome to our Home Wreath Kit Includes:

(1) Works Wreath Frame

(1) 21"x10 yds Turquoise Mesh

(2) 1.5"x5yds Cut Wired Ribbon

(2) 2.5"x5yds Cut Wired ribbon

Handmade sign that reads "Welcome to our Home" (can also be purchased separately)


Welcome to our Home Sign & Ribbon Kit Includes:

(2) 1.5"x5yds Cut Wired Ribbon

(2) 2.5"x5yds Cut Wired Ribbon

Handmade sign that reads "Welcome to our Home" (can also be purchased separately)

(excludes Works Wreath Frame (tinsel ties attached), and roll of Mesh)


*RIBBONS MAY VARY DUE TO AVAILABILITY - All ribbons will be high-quality wired ribbons. 

*Wreath frame color may vary.

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