Klubbies Subscription Box

YOU MUST BE AN EXCLUSIVE MEMBER OF KATIE'S CLUBHOUSE VIP TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM. The Klubbies Subscription Box will ONLY be sold and shipped to verified Klubbies! 


To begin your subscription, click the blue PayPal icon OR the pink link.


Klubbies Subscription Box - Each box contains a variety of supplies which could include Sign(s), Mesh, Floral(s), Greenery, Base(s), Pick(s), Tool(s) and/or Ribbon(s). To begin your subscription, click the blue PayPal icon OR the pink link below.

  • Each box is $73.91 which includes all fees and S&H costs
  • Each box will be shipped the second Friday of every month
  • Boxes are shipped monthly until canceled
  • Boxes can be canceled at any time, but we do not offer refunds or replacements on the contents of the box
  • The boxes are NOT a wreath kit ~ Contents of each box vary every month


 Previous Subscription Boxes


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