Chillin with my Snomies Wreath Kit, Winter Wreath Kit, Wreath Kit

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Chillin with my Snomie Wreath Kit

14" Wire Wreath Frame

(20) White Pipe Cleaner

(1) 10.5" x 10 yrds White Deco Mesh

(1) 10.5" x 10 yrds Blue Deco Mesh

(2) 1.5" x 5 yrds Wire Ribbon cut

(2) 2.5" x 5 yrds Wire Ribbon cut

(1) Handmade Sign that reads "Chillin with my Snomies"

**RIBBONS &/or MESH MAY VARY DUE to AVAILABILITY - all ribbons will be high quality wired ribbon**  Completed picture shows kit used plus snowflake embellishments and added bow (neither  included with kit)

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