Hanukkah Wreath, Blue and Silver Wreath, Hanukkah Door Decor, Menorah Decor,

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Just imagine how festive your front door will be this season with this gorgeous wreath hanging on it. What a great way to greet your guest as they enter your home, it will definitely set the mood and get everyone saying how welcoming your home is from the moment they step through your front door.

All my designs are handmade custom one of a kind designs for any & all occasions, and I use high quality materials. I hand-make all my bows. I am very finicking about the finished products and work for hours on most of them to achieve the design I want to see come to life. I love what I do!


Materials: Work Wreath,White Window Pane Mesh,Royal Blue Mesh,Silver Tulle,Multiple High End Ribbon,Menorah Ribbon,Blue and Silver Ribbon,Blue and Silver ribbon tails,Menorah Ribbon Tails,Handmade Bow,Wooden Menorah Sign

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