Katie's 2.5" Kustomizable Bow, Everyday Bow, Holiday Bow, Traditional Bow, Wreath Bow

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Katie's Kustomizable Bow - 2.5" Wide Wired-Ribbon

Handmade Bow that you can customize! You get to pick the color, and ribbon tail length.  Perfect for Everyday, Wreaths, Banisters, Mailbox, Celebrations, Weddings, Parties, Gifts and Holidays

1) Select the color from the drop-down list above. Choose from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Silver, Gold, Purple, Burgundy, Black, White, Denim, Fuchsia, Brown, Moss Green, Spring Green, and Gray.  Solid One-Color Ribbon 

2) Select the ribbon tail length from the drop-down list above.  Approximate 6"-8" tails have 10-12 Loops in Bow, 8"-10" tails have 14-16 Loops in Bow, and 10"-12" tails have 18-20 Loops in Bow

Approximate Bow Size: 14"L x14"W x5"D with 6"-8" length Ribbon Tails
Approximate Bow Size: 16"L x14"W x5"D with 8"-10" length Ribbon Tails
Approximate Bow Size: 18"L x14"W x5"D with 10"-12" length Ribbon Tails

**RIBBON COLOR WILL VARY FROM WHAT IS SHOWN. Pictured is an example of a red 2.5"-wide ribbon bow. All ribbons will be high-quality wired ribbon.