About Us

Welcome to my little slice of heaven! My name is Katie Salvatorelli and I am the owner & designer of Krazy Mazie Kreations, naming my business after my sweet yorkie, Mazie. I reside in upstate New York with my husband Lou (Doodles) and my other pup Clancey. I started my journey in wreath design many years ago, and after building my local clientele, I decided to take the plunge and make a business for myself. I teach design methods through my exclusive private group, Katie’s Clubhouse VIP and I am one of the founding members of Designing Gals. A group of women that dedicate their mission to teaching design and networking methods that build crafting community.  

All my designs are handmade, and I use high quality materials. I hand-make all my bows. I am very finicky about the finished products and work for hours on most of them to achieve the design I want to see come to life. I love what I do! So, please join me in this fantastic adventure of mine by liking and sharing my Facebook business page, favorite my Etsy shop, subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest, so you can see all the new and exciting designs I come up with.